To analysis a carrier’s port calls to see the number of services offered by the carrier to different various regions of the world and passages through the Panama and Suez canals.
BlueWater Reporting Hub Analysis
License Level Required
Global Corporate License.
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BlueWater Reporting Hub Analysis

   BlueWater Reporting Hub Analysis allows licensees to download an extract analyzing the port calls made by one or more carriers. Like other extracts provided by BlueWater Reporting, the data can automatically be loaded into and Microsoft Excel workbook with a pivot table to allow analysis of the data.
   Users can then analyze services by using the Pivot Table filter to show data by trade region or carrier. The pivot table shows the service/carrier count for all services calling the ports in the region and the number of services calling each other region.
   The port data can be expanded to show more detailed information on the services calling the port. In the sample below, the Hub analysis for the three carriers of the proposed P3 Alliance is shown for Central America with a partial view of the detail for Balboa shown below.