Bigger Verses Faster in the Transpacific Lane
Researcher: Kim Williams
Posted Date: 20 February 2019
      According to BlueWater Reporting’s Port to Port Transit Analysis application, the fastest weekly container services from Busan to Los Angeles are tied between APL’s Eagle Express-EX1 and Hyundai Merchant Marine’s Pacific South-PS1. The EX-1 and PS-1 make the transit at 11 days from Busan to Los Angeles. However, the service with the most capacity is 2M Alliance’s TP8/New Orient service with 66,632 TEUs in deployed capacity. 
      All three services shown in the chart have six vessels, thus deployed capacity might be the biggest distinction. The TP8/New Orient will take 18 days to connect Busan to Los Angeles, yet it is still a weekly service with largest vessels. HMM’s PS-1 is faster than the TP8/New Orient, although it operates with 49,690 TEUs or 74 percent of the 2M Alliance’s deployed capacity. Finally, the smallest of the weekly connections is on APL’s EX-1 with 43 percent of the TP8/New Orient’s volume.