Maersk’s “SeaLand” plan to capture the Americas
July 2, 2019
   A new report from the BlueWater Reporting team suggests there is much more to Maersk’s plan to reintroduce the SeaLand brand name than simply as a vehicle for marketing its intra-American services. “Maersk’s ‘SeaLand’ plan to capture the Americas” reveals the true scale of Maersk’s existing penetration of the Americas’ container markets, highlighting the speed with which it is moving to position itself with a total all-Americas strategy. 
   The SeaLand template is only a part of this, the report suggests, in the run-up to the opening of a wider Panama Canal.  A two-tier service level for services from Asia is identified – premium high-speed intermodal connections via Los Angeles and Miami, the latter through Panama, and larger, slower low slot-cost volumes arriving direct to the U.S. East Coast ports via Suez.
   The development of massive mega-hubs at Manzanillo and Balboa at either end of the Panama Canal is already well under way, permitting a build-up phase spearheaded by SeaLand. SeaLand will combine feeding for Maersk with feeding for other P3 carriers, aimed at north-south as well as east-west economies of scale, and to dominate the all-important perishable reefer export trades from Central and South America, as they grow.
   The report comprehensively details, in seven tables, the 62 existing Maersk services touching the Americas. The majority already involve its prospective P3 partners; CMA CGM, with 25 shared services, and MSC with 19. Hamburg Sud and Hapag-Lloyd/CSAV already share 14 and 12 Americas services with Maersk, respectively. 
   The same data can be downloaded in the form of an Excel pivot table, offering more customized analysis and additional functionality.
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