CKYHE Alliance Implications – Will CSCL and UASC be next to join?
July 2, 2019

   The CKYH Alliance of ocean liner carriers, which is comprised of China -owned COSCO Container Lines, Hanjin Shipping of South Korea, Taiwan-based Yang Ming, and “K” Line of Japan, announced in February that it would join forces with Chinese/Taiwanese carrier Evergreen Line in the Asia to Europe and Asia to Mediterranean trade lanes.  However, the CKYHE Alliance carriers have yet to release any formal presentation of their planned service network, and this lack of information has left many wondering how, if at all, the service offerings of the CKYHE would differ from those of the former CKYH Alliance and their new partner in Evergreen.
   A new report from the BlueWater Reporting Research team takes a detailed look at the relevant CKYH and Evergreen service changes that have occurred since the announcement, and examines the possibility of adding two additional carriers, China-owned China Shipping Container Line (CSCL) and United Arab Shipping Line (UASC), which is owned jointly by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.  CSCL, for its own part, has already been linked to COSCO in a cooperative agreement, while UASC continues to work closely with CSCL, even going as far as calling the two carriers the new “P2 Alliance,” though no formal paperwork has been filed to establish such an alliance on an official level.
   What brought about this consolidation of power seen in the ocean liner industry in the first place?  What are the implications of Evergreen joining the CKYH Alliance in terms of market share?  Further, what would be the effect of adding newly established P2 partners CSCL and UASC to the CKYHE Alliance?  Just how closely are these carrier groups already cooperating within their existing service networks?
   The report, CKYHE Alliance Implications – Will CSCL and UASC be next to join?, does more than simply answer these questions, however, as it includes charts containing all of the data used to examine each the CKYHE Alliance’s market share by allocated capacity, and pivot tables sent within Excel workbook, containing all of the source data transit times for trade lane capacity allocation of each carrier, as well as service relationships broken down by region and vessel status for CSCL, UASC, and Evergreen Line, giving readers an unrivaled level of access and insight into the data itself.

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