To analyze capacity being removed from trade routes through skipped sailings.
BlueWater Blanked Sailings Report
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BlueWater Blanked Sailings Report

   BlueWater Reporting is now logging and verifying blanked sailings where a voyage is blanked form an anticipated rotation. The BlueWater Blanked Sailings Report will allow users to quickly select a trade lane and reporting periods to see all services on that trade lane currently with blanked sailings and chart showing the total vessel capacity removed from week to week.
    Blanked Sailings are noted by researchers when carriers or alliances announce plans in advance to skip a sailing or when our researchers note a gap in anticipated sailings. After noting a blanked sailing, a researcher will check back to make sure that the sailing is not added back into the schedule.
    Vessel capacity withdrawn is based on the average capacity for all other vessels remaining on the service.
    If announced by the carrier, blanked sailings will be added to this report five weeks in advance but users should note that this data is subject to change and that unannounced blanked sailings may not be noted in this report for forward data.
    For 2013 data is included only for if the complete voyage was blanked. Beginning in 2014 BlueWater Reporting records partial skips. For example, if a service calling Asia-Med-North Europe skips only the portion of the voyage to North Europe, a blanked sailing from Asia to North Europe will be recorded.