Create reports with detailed transit time and route analysis for liner shipping services.
BlueWater Reporting Capacity Extract and BlueWater Analytics.xlsm pivot table report
License Level Required
Global Corporate License.
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BlueWater Reporting Transit Extract

   Running the Transit Extract is easy, just select the trade route definition set you want to use and then select the trade routes to be included in the report. (See the note below for more information on trade route definitions.) The transit analysis is based on current services and is downloaded in a CSV file that that should be saved in the c:/compair folder that was included in the BlueWater Starter Kit.
   After the extract is downloaded, you open the BlueWater Analytics.xlsm file that was included in the BlueWater Starter Kit and on the first (Refresh) sheet, click on the load button and then Refresh button to load the data into the report.
   There are 4 transit reports included in the BlueWater Analytics.xlsm file and all are left open for users to modify.
Carrier Transit Compare a summary of transit times by carrier between two specific ports
Country Carrier Compare a summary of transit times by carrier for all possible port pairs between two countries
Service Rotation Compare transit times and service rotations for all services between two specific ports
Transit Time Sort Compare transit times of all services between two ports sorted by transit time; includes weekly allocated capacity of the service
*Trade Route Set: Most licensees to BlueWater Reporting will have two trade route sets available, the global ComPair Data trade route set and the specialized North American Trades trade route set.  The trade route definitions sets define the trade routes and which ports are included in the oigin and destination regions. BlueWater Reporting can setup a customized trader route definition set for companies so that the analysis generated in BlueWater Reporting matches the trade route definitions that the company uses internally. Please contact BlueWater Reporting for more information on this functionality.

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